Diverse profiles, a common need: benefit from the expertise of a fluids engineering specialist

Our services are aimed at clients who share a common desire to give expression to their needs while complying with regulations and respecting costs and deadlines. We work hand-in-hand with you on strategic projects in the following sectors:

Offices / Service sector

Trading rooms

Data Centres




Administration, museum, listed site

Hospitality / Luxury

Research / Industry

We can work with you on all types of projects:

  • New builds
  • Renovation / Refurbishment
  • Fit out
  • Ensuring the Security or Safety of a site
  • Development of Energy Performances
  • Listed site
  • Works on an occupied site

Our services

Our services cover the following elements:

  • Audit / Diagnostics / Feasibility
  • Scheduling
  • Design studies
  • Consultation with companies and Assistance with the works contracting process
  • Execution Studies
  • Follow-up of the work
  • Scheduling, Construction Management and Coordination
  • Test & Commissioning, Final Acceptance
  • Assistance with the maintenance contracting process
  • Monitoring of energy and consumption objectives
  • Operating and maintenance advice

Our areas of expertise

Our expertise in our specific fields of activity strengthens our ability to fulfil your construction ambitions. Our approach is based on a global assessment which looks at all the technical, functional and environmental challenges. We also take into account the human dimension in each project by thinking about the men and women who will occupy these buildings.

As the project owner, you need to be able to rely on an Engineering Consultancy which can support you in every aspect of your project:

  • Construction cost and deadline management
  • Compliance of the facilities
  • Global, innovative and long-lasting solutions
  • Optimisation of consumptions and operating costs
  • Ergonomic design of the spaces / user comfort / systems reliability
  • Upgradability of the fittings and techniques
  • Maintainability and Durability


We provide project design and management services in the area of high voltage electricity: <ul> <li>Transformer and distribution substation </li> <li>Back-up and alternative energy</li> <li>High Quality Static and Dynamic Current</li> <li>Distribution & Networks</li> <li>Lighting</li> </ul>

Climate control engineering

We provide project design and management services in the area of climate control engineering and plumbing: <ul> <li>Heat and cold generation</li> <li>Ventilation / Smoke extraction</li> <li>Distribution and terminal equipment</li> <li>Plumbing / Fire protection</li> <li>Renewable energies and unavoidable energy recovery</li> </ul>

IT, telecom and multimedia networks

We assist you in the following areas: <ul> <li>LAN / WAN architecture</li> <li>Fibre Optic (SCOM@IT concept)</li> <li>IT rooms & Data centres</li> <li>VOIP & TOIP telephony</li> <li>Desktop virtualisation</li> <li>Audiovisual</li> <li>VDI prewiring</li> </ul>

Protection of property and people

Protecting the safety of people and property is crucial and must lie at the heart of every project. Our services cover the following areas: <ul> <li>Fire Safety and Fire Protection</li> <li>Access Control, Protection against Intrusion</li> <li>Video Surveillance</li> </ul>


Essential for the controlled operation of a building context and guarantor of energy optimization, the Building Management Systems (BMS) is a profession in its own right. We can work with you in the following areas: <ul> <li>Centralised technical management</li> <li>Energy management and comfort management</li> <li>Open protocol system</li> </ul>

Digital transformation of buildings

Our continuous technology watch means we can provide you with advice and the best solutions enabling you to commit to developing smart, socially responsible and people-friendly buildings: <ul> <li>Connectivity and distribution (WIFI, GSM, CABLING)</li> <li>Unifying intelligent network architecture</li> <li>Communication equipment and interfaces</li> <li>SMART BUILDING applications</li> </ul>

Second fix architecture, SCMC and Transfer engineering

To provide global solutions to support your projects, we have brought together a group of companies offering complementary expertise in the building sector, the EIG INGENIERIE LIGNE & PLAN. ILP provides support and assistance in the areas of:

  • Space planning
  • Fluid engineering
  • Scheduling, Construction Management and Coordination
  • Transfer engineering

As well as in specific techniques:

  • Structure, structural works, external works
  • Architecture (shell / core / interior fittings)
  • Lifts
  • Acoustics

Our consultancy specialised in fluid engineering is part of an EIG integrating five major skills, from architecture to building engineering. Discover the group and our partners now.