HQE Building: an innovative environmental standard

At a time when the environmental impact of each of our actions is at the heart of all our decisions, real estate developers are increasingly seeking to construct green buildings. There are numerous standards in the building sector, including the “HQE” High Environmental Quality standard. This applies to all types of buildings: detached homes, offices and other non-residential buildings. But what exactly does this standard imply? 

HQE building: an environmental standard 

An HQE building is a construction that is certified as being of a High Environmental Quality. This means it has been built in line with specifications which aim to minimise its environmental impact. The certification is based on French regulations and relevant applicable standards. It offers a high level of clarity and transparency for developers, owners and tenants. 

Certification is granted directly by the private HQE association. Accreditation takes into account the environmental impact of the building, its use and its maintenance.

HQE certification and its objectives

HQE certification is based on the assessment of the building’s performance in respect of 14 criteria including:  

  •         The building’s seamless integration into its immediate surroundings
  •         Energy and water management
  •         Acoustic and hygrothermal comfort, air quality 
  •         Ease of upkeep and maintenance

Integrating an HQE approach into your construction projects offers numerous advantages:

  •         Improvement of residents’ living comfort
  •         Reduction in energy consumption resulting in lower energy and water bills
  •         Lower greenhouse gas emissions
  •         Tax advantages in certain cases

HQE and Gesys

Gesys’ managers and employees have always been committed to favouring sustainable construction projects. We advise and support our clients in:

  • Their energy performance diagnoses
  • Their thermal calculations and simulations
  • The design of buildings in line with HQE, THPE, BBC standards
  • The installation of wind energy or geothermal solutions as well as solar heating systems

Discover one of our buildings with HQE Exceptional certification

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