GESYS Ingénierie, a family story

“GESYS Ingénierie is first and foremost a family story.” These are the words of Jacques Brochard, the company’s founder. Since 1982, when the company was first created, the family story has developed to become…

A real human adventure 

The Family Story quickly became a human adventure, as Jacques Brochard eloquently describes:

“I really believe in the human value of things, and I personally think that a company is nothing without the Women and Men who form it, without the Women and Men in its environment, and that we can achieve nothing alone; it is a vast subject which all comes down to human relations and which is inevitably built on skills and qualities, trust and respect. 

These are the essential ingredients of a true partnership, which, in the context of a Company, must be embraced by everyone: employees, customers and project owners, companies and suppliers, partners.” This is the story of GESYS Ingénierie, this is Our Story, Our Adventure!

Development on the back of large-scale projects 

Photo tour UAP

We started out as experts in electricity. Time, experience and pragmatism resulted in the diversification of our activities and the broadening of our skills. It all began in 1982 when the UAP (which became AXA in 1996) entrusted us with updating the fire safety systems of the first mixed-use (commercial and residential) high-rise building, the Tour Les Poissons, built in 1974. Then, in 1984, the same client asked us to renovate the fire safety system and Centralised Technical Management facilities of their La Défense headquarters: the Tour ASSUR, recently renamed the Tour FIRST. 

Ambitious in terms of its size, its technical nature and the constraints involved in renovating an occupied building, it was with this project that we really earned our spurs. In particular, the project showcased our skills in 

  • Personal and property safety
  • HVAC 
  • Building Management Systems in a specific environment, namely high-rise buildings

In 1984, we were contacted by the Paris hospital trust, Assistance Publique de Paris. We worked on the site of Bichat Claude Bernard hospital, also a high-rise and public access building. Our missions related to all the technical aspects of Energy Transformation and Production and Industrial Automation. 

5 May 1996, a decisive date 

On 5 May 1996, a fire broke out at the Crédit Lyonnais on Boulevard des Italiens in Paris. We were asked to design and manage all aspects of the reconstruction of the bank’s trading rooms. We were tasked with ensuring: 

  • the ergonomics of the trading rooms and office and IT equipment, taking account of the constraints specific to these rooms, security and built-in redundancy with greater surveillance & fire protection
  • the IT network density
  • the security of the electricity networks, production of stabilised and uninterruptible power 
  • the installation of HVAC production and vascularisation facilities

All of this was achieved in under six months: design, construction work and commissioning included.  It is thanks to the success of this major project that our company gained a reputation within the world of banks and financial institutions for our expertise in the field of large-scale IT rooms, complex IT systems, redundant electrical & HVAC installations and sophisticated fire safety systems.

Crédit lyonnais

April 2001, we were awarded HQE certification


In April 2001, we were selected by the real estate developer MEUNIER (now BNP PARIBAS PROMOTION IMMOBILIER D’ENTREPRISE) to undertake our first major operation in the commercial property development sector as part of the construction of the A4C Tolbiac building complex in the 13th district of Paris. This marked a new stage in Gesys’ development towards fluids engineering activities and towards the HQE (“high environmental quality”) standard for buildings. This building was the first to be awarded HQE certification in France. So, as you can see, with each passing year, each new project adds a new chapter to our Story. We look forward to writing many more pages with you. 

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