A collective adventure to bring your ideas to life

At Gesys, we dare! We make the impossible possible, even your most ambitious projects. You have the idea, we give it shape. To do that, we think outside the box, we innovate: we adapt our organisation, we adapt technologies to suit the dimension of your project. We work alongside you to ensure we succeed together.

Our difference lies in the fact that we always take into account the organisational, technical and above all the human aspects in each of our projects. Indeed, our expertise and interpersonal skills are the keys to the success of your projects.

Gesys, your independent and multi-disciplinary consultancy service

We are positioned at the convergence of consulting and engineering. Both a designer and project manager, we provide you with an expert eye combined with a pragmatic approach to offer you tailored solutions. A strategic partner of our clients, our mission consists in supporting you in the construction of your project drawing on technological innovations while meeting environmental and regulatory requirements.
Our multidisciplinary team is made up of experts in each field. We offer a wide range of services. We guarantee a permanent quality approach resulting in various professional certifications, the accreditation of your buildings and recognition from building industry professionals.

Here are some of the awards we have obtained:


Renovate building over 5 000 m² category



2019 Winner

“Best renovated building” category




“New office building over 50 000 m²” category


2017 Winner

“Renovated office building or particularly innovative fit out” category

EMERIGE – Quai Ouest (Boulogne-Billancourt)



1st Prize Mixed-use Building

FCBA – FCBA Institute headquarters



1st Prize New Building category

Restructuring of a former warehouse / general store

Rue Blanche PARIS 9th district (75)


Pyramide d’Argent – Best real estate programme Île de France

BNP Paribas Immobilier
VIA VERDE office building (Ilot de la Croisée)

ZAC Seine Arche – Nanterre (92)


1st Prize New Building category

SILIC –LE MONTREAL office building

ORLY RUNGIS business park (94)


1st Prize First HQE Renovation certified building France

BNP Paribas Immobilier
BNP Paribas ‘Bergère’ headquarters
14-20 rue Bergère PARIS (75)


1st HQE Label France

BNP Paribas Immobilier
A4C office block
Avenue Pierre Mendes PARIS (75)


A real company culture

At Gesys, we enjoy working together. We always take the time to greet each other and chat or swap ideas over a coffee. This cohesion is what cements our team together. The human dimension lies at the heart of our DNA and is reflected in our values.

Team spirit: our team spirit is a result of our employees listening to each other and sharing ambitions. Each employee is an expert, a specialist in his or her own field. But talent alone is not enough. That is why every future employee goes through a selective recruitment process in order to guarantee not only the success of your projects, but also cohesion within the team.

Reactivity: faced with your requirements and especially the environmental challenges, we need to be able to adapt and offer you a global and tailored solution. Thanks to the agility of our teams, we are able to design innovative solutions to your specific issues.

Respect of our undertakings: Results-oriented, we strive to bring your ideas to life. To do that, we undertake to respect deadlines, budgets and technical constraints. Our professionalism is reflected in the strict demands we place upon ourselves, our expertise and the search for excellence.

Acting to protect the environment!

We favour projects which offer significant environmental added value allowing for the development of sustainable construction and an industry which respects the environment. Sustainable development is integrated into all our projects. We therefore support you in your sustainable development and environmental quality approaches:

  • Building Energy Audits / Energy Performance Diagnosis
  • Regulatory Thermal Performance Calculation / Dynamic Thermal Simulation / Dynamic Energy Simulation
  • Assistance with the Design and Creation of Certified Buildings: B.B.C. / Effinergie+ / ADEME / T.H.P.E. / H.Q.E. / BREEAM / LEED

We can work with you on the implementation of new technologies:

  • Wind-powered / Geothermal / Photovoltaic / Solar heating / Energy recovery
  • Optimisation of energy consumption: LED lighting, radiant ceiling panels, direct current, cooling unit, magnetic levitation terminals, etc.

Integrating the human dimension into all our projects: wellbeing, comfort and health in the workplace

Offering a comfortable and safe working environment equipped with cutting edge technologies is a major challenge in the construction market. All new or renovated buildings must therefore undergo a double transition: the energy transition and the digital transition.

At Gesys, we take into account the ecological, digital and human dimension in all the projects we work on. Consequently, we plan each building ensuring that the comfort and safety of its occupants lie at the heart of the design. To do this, we also integrate the sustainability of the construction and the connectivity of the buildings. The infrastructure is therefore open and evolutive. The key consideration: the comfort, wellbeing and health of all your employees!

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